Death note Netflix/ The destruction Of Misa, Misa and why it matters


Oh my Gosh, I was right I wanted so badly to be proven wrong by Netflix’s adaptation of Death Note being awful but I was right. Although I was wrong about L was actually the best thing about this garbage heap apart from lights dad and I really hope being a part of this does not hurt either actor’s career because it’s not their fault the script was terrible and had them both do stupid things. However since light and L being destroyed has already been discussed at length,  I want to talk about misa and how she was turned in mia and as a result her whole character was just dismantled piece by piece. I know some people do prefer Mia to Misa but I’m not one of them and this is why also spoilers warning because I’m not holding back I’ll reveal everything about Mia’s character since their isn’t much to unpack.

Movie Role

Ok first of all I understand why Mia couldn’t be a pop idol and why they changed Misa’s name both were things strictly a part of Japanese culture. However the set up for Mia’s character was awful from the get go she’s framed in the first scene as smoking a cigarette apart of a crowd of peppy happy fellow cheerleaders, yet clearly distanced from them giving her an outsider vibe. That’s the problem cheerleaders popular people have likeable or at least social personalities. Mia is more like the weird, loner emo chick who thinks angst makes her look cool. She even has “a normal people scare me” poster on the inside of her locker.  I don’t get how she’s even popular considering she goes around telling Light how she’s happy that one of the jocks got decapitated while around other people. A girl who does that shows disrespect for not only social norms and a callous disregard for human life but also disrespect for the very social order she apparently is a part of. None of which are traits that would make one popular.  Now maybe if they showed Mia acting sweet towards the other popular kids and telling Light this in private it would have made sense. However, Mia doesn’t act like a girl who’s particularly social you never see her interacting with a large group of friend’s or anything.  The movie establishes her as both an outsider and popular which any outsider will tell you does not happen. The frustrating part is cheerleader Mia could have worked if they kept Misa’s original personality. Misa Misa was a bubbly, social person she did have charm and could act like someone endearing despite her insanity. This was a person who could be popular even in an American setting as cute pretty girls are still loved. Mia and what they wanted to do with her character still could have worked however due to bad writing, disrespect for Misa’s character and a poor understanding of the themes of Death Note as applied directly to her made Mia Sutton the second worst Netflix Death Note character.

Which brings me to my next point the role of Mia unlike Misa makes no sense in the context of the story. Mia is what she presents as since the beginning of the story a shallow, bitter, rude person who’s obsessed with killing people. Her disturbing disregard for human life and wish to have seen the bully die, and her later urging of Light to kill his own dad because he disrespected Kira makes it not surprising she’d try and betray Light for the death note or has been double crossing him in the final act.  Misa on the other hand was much like light the last person you’d suspect. She was not only a part of what was considered normal society but a successful member of it. As a Japanese idol she was the very essence of what japan thought an ideal should be on the surface. When L had evidence against her no one still ever believed someone like Misa could be the second Kira.  While the idea of female purity and how it’s linked to idol culture is something American audiences wouldn’t get. Cheerleader Mia as a sweet cheerful seemingly kind girl could have still presented a message about how looks are deceiving and yeah the ditzy cheerleader could be smarter and more dangerous then she appears.  The Mia presented here is the first person you’d question and would incriminate herself by telling you to F off. Misa seems like a cute innocent ditzy girl but is a dangerous murder/cult follower. Mia in contrast is a shady person, who ends the movie as confirming she is the bad guy.   Therefore the whole looks are deceiving theme of death note is completely lost here.


Both Mia and Misa are evil girls are their choices lead to their own destruction however that’s where the similarities end. Misa is a bad person but she’s also a very tragic figure Misa Misa’s backstory involves her whole family being murdered. She tells Light about how their murder was allowed to walk free and how her and her parents never got justice. It’s the only time Misa breaks from her cheerful personality and looks broken. She then tells Light all she’s wanted was to find Kira to help him, because he was the one who ended her parent’s killer.  In the Animie introduction itself Misa is shown looking sad and standing soak and wet Light reaches a hand out to her. This shows beneath the smiles Misa is a broken woman who latches onto Light/Kira out of a desire to fill the empty void in her life. And her character although not always well written symbolizes the moral issue of Death Note and the failures of the justice system. As well as highlights how a desire to be loved change the world often leads people to join extremist causes.  Mia has no backstory, Light tells her about the Death Note and she joins him, pushing him to kill criminals. It’s revealed in the end she wants the Death Note for herself while her reason is never stated. I suspect it has to do with power since apart from trying to stop one bully, who she admits she never liked. Mia doesn’t seem to care about Justice in fact she calls those they defend ” Sheep” suggesting contempt for everyone around her. The fact she wants to have sex while writing in the Death Note suggests a power kink as well. Does Mia love Light? Who knows she seems to go back and forth between being willing to put his life in danger and making sad puppy faces. We just know she wants to become Kira. While this could of been done well, if the writers actually took Misa’s obvious need for attention based on how she treats her fans and need to be loved by Light both cannon traits of the character. It may of worked better to have Mia sell out Light for what she believes is the love of everyone in the world as Kira working in a cautionary message about going to extreme lengths for self-validation and love but no instead we got Mia wants power.

Shallow vs Deep

Which is my biggest problem with the character Mia comes across as more shallow then Misa who was a character strictly created just to add a girl to the cast of Death Note and who was supposed to be dumb and cute by the authors own admission. Even the almost similar traits Misa beats Mia, for instance in the movie when L gets on TV, daring Light to kill him. Mia tries to get Light to kill L for challenging Kira. While she tries to pass it off as fear and later does the same with Lights dad. It comes across like an ego issue, Mia can’t stand Kira being dismissed called a coward.  While Misa shows no problem going further then Light by openly killing  security guards which Lights berates her for, her response is ” there are casualties in war” which highlights a bigger picture idea. Mia is all about herself as Kira grabbing the notebook the minute Light turns his back. While Misa although selfish is about the cause as a whole. This is another problem with Mia despite being an apathdic character who is introduced not giving a dam; she takes up Misa’s cause which is one of passion. Yes that’s right Misa Misa’s choices actions always came from a place of deep feeling. Misa not only loved Kira or at least wanted his approval desperately. She also believed strongly in Lights cause. Misa gave up her life span so she could help him see criminal’s names not once but twice. She never revealed Kira’s name even under torture and even begged Rem to erase her memories so she wouldn’t betray Light.  She later chides kira’s followers as she watches them abandon takeing down Near for light to go after money.  Misa yells about how Money won’t change the world won’t bring happiness or love.  These actions reveal someone who although delusional believes so strongly in a cause she’s willing to die for it and for Light. Just watch these scenes and try and tell me Mia has more depth then Misa.

More Useless

It annoys me when some fans praise Mia for not being useless while proclaiming Misa useless becuse lets be honest.  Misa was the most useful partner Light had, everyone else he relied on kept messing things up.  She actually made a deal for the shiagami eyes which allowed her to see the names of people. Light wasn’t willing to make the deal himself she might of been a pawn but at least Misa had some pull in the relationship becuse Light wanted something from her. Light saw her as useless but yet he constantly needed Misa for his plans to work. What did Light turner need from Mia besides sex? Nothing he didn’t have to include her in his plans, Turner didn’t have to put up with her abuse. In fact Mia made things more difficult for Light overall support for Kira died becuse she went trigger happy offing FBI Agents and this allowed L to find them becuse she went aginst Lights orders when he wanted to lay low for a while. Also her murder of Watiri kept Light from getting L’s name so good job Mia you  bimbo. Yeah Turner messed plenty of things on his own but this girl should of been cut out of the plan long ago.   Misa constantly gets yelled at  for being a follower not a leader but she’s at least a follower who’s smart enough to trust Light to get them out of the situation, instead of trying to micromanage things behind the scenes unlike Mia who just made everything worse.

Final thoughts

Mia, Misa’s dismanteled counterpart is what happens when everything deep and interesting about Misa has been stripped away. To try and make her some edgy chick. It makes me really sad that a lot of girls love Mia becuse they claim she was smart enough to trick Light when in reality. Its Light’s lack of foresight that allows her to get away with it not any skill on her part. Mia’s  attitude and the fact she couldn’t be trusted were so obvious Light turner was just to horny to see it. Mia  could never hope to fill the shoes of Misa Misa, even with a better actress, she’s just too underwhelming, her goals are too simple and she lack’s Misa’s moral complexity. Even though a lot of people dislike Misa i feel she’ll be remembered far more then her American counterpart.


snobbery toward rare pairings


Need to rant there is one thing that has been bothering me for a while and its this. Whenever their is a  fanfiction written that either has a less popular pairing or dares add a rare pairing as a side dish to a popular pairing. Readers have a tendency to send the author hate and whine about it. Here’s the thing hateing on people is never cool, secondly people who do this seem like spoiled brats becuse when it comes to popular pairings there’s usually over a hundred of fics to cater to the tastes of the majority.  So instead of reading one of those stories that cater directly to you. You just have to try and bully people who like rare pairings and are most likely writeing for those who like rare pairings as well. As someone who likes some popular pairings and some rare pairings i don’t get this entitled attitude and it really annoys me. Especally becuse its limiting as i said before there is over a thousand fics with the same pairings and after a while even the senarios with these pairings start to repeat and its just the same thing over and over again. The same three pairings limits both the creativity and possibilities of the fandom.

Yuri on ice the Russian Punk/Fairy Image issues


Yuri P is my favorite character from Yuri on ice but interestingly enough when i think of him what comes to mind is not exactly nice. His introduction scene shows him kicking down the door and screaming into the face of Yuuri K. That he has no place here, and should give up. This paints him as a bully and someone who has little restraint. His talk of winning the grand pre and poor effort during practice convey him as cocky and drunk on his own past successes. Its clear by episode two from the way yuri barges into Yurri K’s parents spa that he is rude, entitled and loud. While he is all of these things he;s also a lot more complex then just an entitled, loud, rude bully. the thing i find most facinateing about  Russian Yuri is his double life and what it says about  marketing verses the actual person and how the image vs self conflict impacts Yuri’s relationships with the other characters.

i’ve noticed the personality of Yuri conflicts with how his sponsorers and the ice skateing world presents  him. Yuri while on the ice wears pretty costumes and is know as the Russian Fairy. A nickname that implied grace and beauty.   Off the ice he’s known as the russian punk , he’s blunt sharp and doesn’t spare any ones feelings.However his fans seem to buy fully into the cute package that is constantly marketed and sold directly to them.  At his competitions  Yuri’s angels throw pushies at him. Even what they do get right his love of cats is twisted with them throwing kitty ear head bands on his head. Which i bet are also items sold to sponsor his skateing career. These moments  imply Yuri’s whole fanbase is enamored by how cute he is someone which even his coaches Liliah and Yavok encourage him to play up judgeing by how they make him wear the kitten ears and hold the stuffed animals while he poses for pictures. Judgeing by his scowl Yuri does not want to be presented this way.

Hince why his relationship with his fans is so tense. As they like the fact he’s cute but do not respect him as the young skateing genuis who through excessive training and risks made it to the top. Even the other skaters don’t give him any respect.   Although JJ is clearly the worst in terms of disrespect due to him saying ” Ladies first” i especally think Yuri’s hatred of him ties into how JJ gets to control his own image. Everything from skateing to his own theme song, to creating the symbolic JJ Style gesture. JJ seems a lot more in control of his own marketing/image. Its honestly a shame that Yuri hates him so much or maybe JJ could actually give some tips on that. While Yuri is showered with pushies, JJ gets to show his audience what he’s about. It may also tie into appearance as well. Since JJ is the one who appears more masculine while Yuri lets be honest looks a lot like a girl and is a lot younger therefore he gets the cute association while JJ gets to be confident and brazen something Yuri seems to envy. Further more JJ is respected by his fans haveing their loyalty even after he ends up in last place. Something Yuri lacks, dispite being shown as willing to stick up for his fans their interest in him seems shallow.  i believe Yuri realizes this something that i  honestly think depresses, frusterates him.

Which is also why i think Yuri’s relationship with Yuuri K is strained as well. Dispite being a new comer Yuuri K has fans such as the kid with the red streak who look up to him as someone to imitate. His fan states ” Don’t regret your past, its an insult to me and everyone who looked up to you”  (He’s apparently too pure to have crazy stalker fan girls sorry only jab i swear). Yet Yuuri is the only one who see’s Yuri P as competition someone to beat which is a form of respect to Yuri. Which is why he reacts so badly when Yuuri K cheers him with Victor as this suggests he doesn’t actually see him as competition or a threat anymore. Which i why i feel their relationship will never be as deep as the fandom believes even if they do become freind’s.

In fact i’d say Otabek will always be a closer freind to Yuri  becuse he has always admired yuri’s deturmination ” You have the eyes of a soilder” Also his freindship with Otabek actually seems to encourage him to take control of his own image. judgeing by the welcome to the madness manga. Where Yuri and Otabek do a number that is the exact contrast of Agape which is gentle and slow and do a fast paced, punk rock number which is quite risque. Which signifes Yuri’s road to shapeing his own idenity.

However he’s not the only one in the skateing world Yuri seems to consider dear. Yavok and Liliah are also probly the closest people to him after his grandpa. Dispite how much he fights with them. Yuri is still seen looking happy with them at their home and appears to have cooked his grandfathers dish for them. I think its becuse Yavok and Liliah yell at him, and push him to do better harder, be the best. And compliments do not not come easily from them. So on the rare occasion when Yuri gets one, he knows he’s earned it. They don’t go easy on him and therefore respect Yuri and his abilities. Yuri see’s being pushed as being respected. As shown when he insults Yuuri K calling him a loser believing his sharp comments will encourage him to push himself more try harder.

Yuri likes being pushed and hates being belittled or dismissed and i think he resents being the russian Fairie at times hence his desire to rename himself as the “Ice Tiger of Russia” Someone fierce, and strong a name that shows he overcame the challanges of the skateing world and got to the top. A name that convey’s the image he wants not the one placed on him by marketing or his own fans and perhapse with the help of Otabek he can start to create his own idenity outside of the constraints that have been placed on him due to his physical apperance and age.

In character/ in universe fanfiction yes or no?


Honestly this post is probly going to tick people off, but it baffles me about how so many fan fiction writers cann’t stand being accused of mis characterization or going aginst the established rules.  They argue there’s no standard rules the character pairing, dynamic can be interperated many diffrent ways and while this is true. i think that geting mad at people for feeling this way and applying cannon is silly. When their are established rules a lot of people want to follow them, humans to some extent like rules, no matter how rebellious we are, their will always be some rules even a rebel will follow religiously.  This is no diffrent in fandoms.  The fact of the matter is if you create a work with characters based on an actual franchise its in a fans nature to compare it to the orginal. Even mainsteam things a reboot will always be judged by the standard of the orginal movie. Heck a movie will be compared to the novel its based on.  Why do they think fan fiction would be judged by a diffrent standard?  Fanfiction is honestly just a series of reboots and possible sequals when it comes down to it. lets be honest here if indiana jones was suddenly changed from the action hero he was in the 4th movie to a guy who wore a tutu and suddenly became a ballerina or rode a harley. Would people argue it was a differant interpertation? No they’d get super mad, becuse that wouldn’t be Indianna jones.

Am i saying the rules should always be applied? No i’m not. i’ve actually read several fanfics where the characters were out of character and enjoyed them. Why? well becuse of a few reasons in some the character’s circustances had changed but their character core was still there, two the story gave them depth or exspanded, developed their character in ways that weren’t cannon or Three what replaced the traits i knew and loved still made the character interesting enough to read about. Sometimes being out there can lead to a good story since a lot of famous  works, movies ect were based or inspired by other things. We’re actually all connected in a way takeing influence from each other’s work on a daily basis.

However that being said sometimes i think  this argument of the standard rules being limiting is used as an excuse by   super bad writers to turn out lazy chichi, plot lines, poor character development, and to hide how much they didn’t understand. Often times   these fanfics cann’t even stand on their own as an orginal work.  like for instance Tony stark as a perfect, kind generous, man who never does anything wrong, ok even if you forget that this is tony stark anti hero womenizing alchoholic with issues. What is interesting about this guy nothing he doesn’t struggle or have hang up and is completely uninteresting sure a few people might want to be him, but care about him as a character probly not. So maybe when  fans cling religiously to the rules, i admit i  can get like this from time to time as well, it might be more of an backlash aginst badly written fanfiction. I mean when there’s pages and pages of badly written fanfic and all your favorite characters have suffered whimpification time and time again it can be easy to fall into the trap of wanting people to potray your favorite characters and the universe they inhabit correctly and can we be honest here everyone can ship what they want but everyone has that one pairing they think is rediculous or sick or both and ruins the characters. However  a standard set of rules is also a trap since sticking to the rules means you couldn’t use your headcannons, only the cannon pairing would ever show up, and characters who weren’t given that much attention cann’t get any development beyond the show. So yeah honestly no fanfiction writer follows the rules exactly.

But at the same time haveing no rules for a work doesn’t mean creativity and thought all the time and there’s a reason why 90% of fanfiction is so bad and part of that does seem to be becuse of an anything goes mentality.  if you remove a characters personality and replace it with nothing or something flat an annoying character trait chances are people are going to focus on how out of character they are out of revulsion, toward what a fan writer created.  When something has turned bad, people tend to remember when it was done better.  Also some genes don’t really work with certain universes like for instance it baffles me how alpha omega fics have gained popularity in the yuri on ice fandom becuse ice skateing competitions are a full time job and none of the guys have time to have or raise kids becuse of their demanding careers. Even within the fanfics they are still ice skateing it doesn’t work. No one should limit their creativity but at the same time a bad idea’s and poor characters are going to get ripped apart and it would be really nice if people would stop useing the oh your limiting me excuse to justify badly written fanfic. And if you care so much about being limited creatively then why are you writeing fanfiction? I’m not saying fanfiction writers don’t have creative ideas or thoughts. However when your working from a franchise that is established you are picking and chooseing what you want to keep and throw out. You have materials to work with a build on, as opposed to fiction press writers who have to build their own worlds and characters from stratch. No matter what your piggy backing on what someone else created. In fact the difinition of fanfiction is ”  Fiction about characters or settings from an original work of fiction.” So yes it can be limiting especally since fanfiction usually has a certain type of audience. ” Fan fiction is defined by being both related to its subject’s cannon universe while also existing out side of it Most fan fiction writers assume that their work is read primarily by other fans, and therefore presume that their readers have knowledge of the canon universe created by a professional writer in which their works are based.” So even within the definition of the word cannon is emphasized even if its loosely based on cannon so yes the fans of fanfiction are mostly going to care about cannon its part of what fanfiction is based on and you cann’t exactly get away from that. And while sometimes big name authors can go too far with the whole this is or isn’t acceptable mentality, remember  like it or not  everyone has a right to their opinion, and honestly some of us need time to mourn the fact that say for instance sappy romance fanfiction most often comes from our favorite horror or action movies, stories and animie. Hey i’m being completely honest here.  i’m trying to be less uptight and i think its important for young writers to improve their skills, i mean the most important part of fanfiction is the feedback. So i guess i’m trying to say if you tell a good story and have interesting characters and dynamics then less people will care about it not being one hundred cannon.  if you have a bad story and awful characterization then yes it will get compared to the authors orginal work and found to be lacking. Will some fans be sticklers for the rules yes of course but those fans also have a right to feel that way. Fanfic writers cann’t just demand everyone else throw out the rule book, so that their feelings are validated. While rule book fans cann’t exspect everyone to follow the rules all the time. I guess i’m saying we need to meet each other halfway.

Dark side of the fairytale princess



I’ve read a bunch of fairy tale discourse by a bunch of authors.  it’s come to my attention that a lot of people who want to do discourse surrounding the female characters of fairytales, but due to the complaints about the princesses being perfect, helpless and powerless. I’m actually starting to realize that there is one take on fairy tale princesses that has not been covered. The dark side of the Fairy Tale princess, so I want to talk about something that will horrify some and thrill others. Blood thirsty, and often vengeful fairy tale Princesses.

In earlier versions of the stories aka pre Disney. Fairytale princesses are not good pure and virtue filled they can be quite nasty, In many older fairytales princesses would be fine putting their enemies or even husbands to be to death without batting an eyelid. Some examples the 12 dancing princesses by The Brothers Grimm is a story about a bunch of princesses who sneak out every night, their father discovers this because their dance shoes are worn through. So he proposes a challenge that any man, who finds out where they go, will marry one of his daughters, if they fail their put to death. The princesses not only don’t try and talk him out of it or fess up but they proceed to drug everyone one of their suitors, which results in them dying by their father’s hand. They do this with dozens of them, just so they can go dancing at night. In some versions of the story the executed princes are their dance partners forced to play a part in their murders personal fantasies. A solider eventually has the brains to not drink the wine and solves the mystery getting to marry one of them. Although I’m betting he eventually gets stabbed in his sleep by his new bride the eldest who was the ring leader of the whole cover up. Another story by the brothers Grimm known as the riddle is about a prince who goes to a castle only to find a king who explains his daughter proposed a challenge for her princes, either they come up with a riddle she can’t answer or they are executed, and this princess does everything in her power to cheat that it borders on sadism.

There are other versions of a similar story my favorite by Hans Christen Anderson which has the added addition of the evil princess fooling around with a wicked troll which is my favorite version as it’s just so delightfully hammy, however interestingly enough in a lot of other versions the princess turns out to be cursed all along, here the element of the princess not being responsible for her own bad behavior is removed entirely. The Riddle princess was honestly just a cheating jerk. I really think the prince should run really fast, seriously dude she isn’t worth it her looks will fade eventually.   Even the more well-known princesses tend to engage in vengeful violent behavior. In the frog prince, the princess throws the frog into the wall out of anger killing his frog body and restoring him to his true form. He marries her out of gratitude and she learns nothing, and is rewarded for killing a living creature out of spite.   Snow White supported her husband descion or even proposed herself, that her stepmother dance herself to death in hot iron shoes at her wedding. Geeze! At least the Riddle princess made it quick with her whole head chopping thing. This is a common theme in fairytales the good princess always has her wicked step family or the false bride who impersonated her chopped up, thrown naked into a barrel of nails, boiled alive, or drawn and quartered. Yes these were actual fairy tale punishments, got to love the dark ages. In the tale of the goose girl, a story where a princess going to meet her husband to be is overpowered by her serving girl and forced to swap identities. She is later restored to her proper place at the princess’s side. However interestingly enough it is the serving girl who dooms herself by stating an identity stealer should be thrown naked into a barrel of nails and ripped apart. While this is played up as she’s an awful person who doomed herself, it’s not much different then what your average princess would deem an appropriate punishment in these stories.

However why are princesses so bloodthirsty? Well, in fairytales characters aren’t really characters but rather they represent cultural concepts, or in some cases have values and ideas projected on to them since the stories change based on the values and concerns of the person telling them. Contrary to popular belife I think they’re role is a lot more complicated then prize for the hero and damsels in destress. My theory is that the princesses in these tales are a representation of the Order of Things aka the Monarchy. Although in the riddle princess the suitor is a king, often times in these stories the suitor is a peasant. Which means the other princes have to have failed and been killed. As this is the only way a peasant would be allowed to try for a princess’s hand. The tailors, soldiers and tinkers of the world are about as far from royal as you can get, yet they obviously want to rise above their station. It’s not the princess they want but the status that comes with her hand. In the dark ages there was little room for upward mobility, you died as what you were born as and the Monarchy and the Church enforced this belief. Royals believed heirs were made by royal blood. So it makes sense that the princess who would carry on the royal linage through her child would stand in opposition to her unsuitable suitor. The princess does not want the tailor or Solider to succeed to advance their stations and will do everything in her power to smack them down for daring to try. Keeping the royal bloodline pure from the point of view of the royals.   The princess must be beaten so the tailor can move up. This isn’t even subtext in stories like the brave little tailor where after hearing her new husband talk in his sleep, the princess realizing he is a tailor plots with her father to murder him. He eventually scares them off and rules the kingdom himself.  Here the princess openly acts as the keeper of the status quo, which the tailor rejects. Here the natural order of things the princess is challenged and overcome.  However sometimes the princess is not an obstacle to overcome in these stories but someone who restores order. In tales like Snow White or the false bride, or even the frog prince. Something isn’t right whether it’s a threat to the family unit like a step mother, or a threat to the feudal system like a serving girl trying to be a princess or a prince enchanted. The princess always plays a part in eradicating the threat or breaking the enchantment. She fixes what isn’t quite right. Through the bloodshed and violence she invokes whether by her own hand or by her orders the wrong is righted and Order is restored.

Why these two conflicting ideas?  I theorize the peasant class themselves were very conflicted about their rulers. On one hand royalty had a lot of power and could put you to death if you steeped out of line and were almost godlike when viewed from afar. There may have been jealousy for the easy lives of nobility and resentment that they themselves were not allowed to advance or have any power or even a say in what went on. This is why the peasant marrying into the royal family despite all opposition narrative was popular. It’s an obvious wish fulfillment fantasy that appealed to people who wanted to advance their status. However religiously people were taught that the Monarchy was put in place by God. They were there to keep order, and were in fact historically responsible for the safety of the country. Monarchs did often restore order through blood shed wheather  through wars or executing dangerous criminals or other threats to the country. Hence why in fairytales bloodletting is what fixes everything. This shows that despite the frightening violence and power of the monarchy which kept them down, the peasant classes were perhaps grateful for it, when it was turned on enemies of the country and relied on their royals to keep things stable and ironically peaceful.

It’s kind of a shame that people don’t seem too interesting in exploring the dark side of the fairytale princess as I still think even today it has a place in society. Since now days people seem to have forgotten that sometimes violence is nessacery, it’s not good, and should be used as a last resort but some enemies can’t be reasoned with. Sometimes a few deaths can prevent further casualties in the future. The fairy tale princesses of the brothers Grimm often showed us sometimes bad things have to happen to encourage change. Such as a bunch of princes getting their heads wacked off or that sometimes good people have to do bad things such as ordering their wicked stepmothers deaths. This is what I think the dark side of the fairy tale princess represents and why it’s ignored.

Blond pawns Lizzy x Alois


I honestly wanted to write more about lizzy, i like pairing explanation essays and i haven’t seen this ship get a lot of attention beyond a few fanfics. Honestly i’m sure if i’m one hundred percent sold on it romantically, but i really like the idea of these two being freinds, or even teaming up and kicking some major butt. I mean come on you’ve got two characters who’ve cannonly practiculary demolished other characters in a sword duel, yet the fandom constantly reduces them to satilite love interest, and damsels in distress on repeat. Who else wants to see Alois seduceing some sleezy lord as a destraction, while Lizzy is downstairs fighting off his cohorts? Imagine she arrives in the bedroom only to See Alois has a knife to the guys throat and is forceing him to untie a grumpy Ciel, and free a miffed Claude from some demon prison thing, uh….. You get the picture. My point is these two bad ass blondes, need some reconition as a dynamic due, i mean come on is it really more far fetched then Sebastion wanting to hook up with his eventual meal? Anyway lets get to it.

Willing pawns

Lizzy and Alois are  more alike then people realize, Besides the superfical things such as hair color and a love of bright colors. Lizzy and Alois have a lot in common. The main trait they share is their insane devotion the cruel,cold individuals who use them for their own ends. In fact in same ways Lizzy / Ciel and Alois / Claude’s dynamic  mirror each other.  In the OVA episode Alois lights the manor of fire but his first impulse is to grab Claude and beg him not to get burned! Ciel being in danger aboard the ship in the manga motivates Lizzy to act. This shows both of them are impulsive  especally when it comes to the safety of those they love and will do anything to protect them.   Alois is shown yelling at Claude,  Lizzy breaks Ciels ring which reveals a constant frusteration the two of them feel with their situation and their partners lack of emotional response toward them. Alois wants Claude to show emotion, Lizzy wants Ciel to smile both of them want the ones they love to open up to them.

The tragety is neither Ciel nor Claude will ever return their love both of them are detached from their humanity, Ciel by choice, and Claude who being a demon never had any to begain with. When it comes down to it Lizzy and Alois are both a means to an end for Ciel and Claude. Although Ciel does have a minscule amount of affection for Lizzy, she’s a mild distaction for him from the darkness of his life, and if Ciel lives long enough he will marry her for convince and to carry on his family name, since after his revenge comes his name. Ciel himself counts Lizzy amoung his pawns and pictures her dead upon his chess board, showing he would sacrifice her to achieve his ends.  Alois for Claude is also a pawn a meal, and perhapse at best an amuseing little pet. He killed Alois to achieve his goal of getting Ciel’s soul the better taster prize. This and Ciel’s contract with sebastion establish the fact Alois and Lizzy were always meant to be left behind, abandoned sooner or later. Both of them are temporary to the ones they’ve devoted their lives too.  The thing is lizzy and Alois are well aware that their feelings aren’t returned, they know they’re pawns. Lizzy knows her purpose as his wife, is to protect Ciel and see to his needs, while Alois knows he’s food for a demon. But they’ve accepted this, they’ll put up with being used, in fact they’ll welcome it, just to be of service to those they love.


While i’ve seen many fans dislike Alois and Lizzy becuse of their devotion and allowance to be used and how they never put themselves first, i really cann’t blame them as Victorian society views both the likes of lizzy and Alois as property. In the victorian era women were not seen as equals to men, in fact under Victorian law Lizzy is ciel’s property. Even in the manga its established from a very young age Lizzy was told who and what she should be. ” Its your job to smile,and to be surrounded by nice things just like in the nursery rhymes” Madam red tells her. This isn’t diffrent from Alois’s situation as he was sold as a sex slave ,although Lizzy’s situation isn’t quite that horrible, both of them were still groomed to act submissive to the needs of others. Alois was taught to flirt and not fight if he wanted to survive, ” He took my dignity” he says.  while Lizzy was also taught to smile and look pretty, be the perfect wife. Both of them were taught to care for others, not to burden others with their own needs and wants, in Alois’s case diffentating from the norm resulted in punishment, as he was beaten for haveing “filthy eyes” when he dared look at lord Trancy difiantly. Lizzy being difiant would of resulted in social redicule, her not getting Ciel’s love as she saw it.

As a result Alois and Lizzy both got good at pretending, on the surface Alois was the perfect obeident slave who Lord Trancy trusted enough to make him his heir, while Lizzy was the perfect lady. Both of them put smiles on their faces and acted innocent and cheerful even after Alois had lord trancy killed as shown by the ball episode he still wears a mask, still plays pretend. Only now he’s playing at being an earl, as well as a sex slave, Alois’s behavior is still overtly sexual for his age, and he slips into the role of whore, whenever he wants something from someone else, as if scared he cann’t get it any other way, just like lizzy feels she needs to make herself weaker then Ciel to keep his love.  Both of them can never completly break from these roles. Underneath both of them are  far from calm and composed, their both loud, hyper, pushy, and heaven help you if you are interested in takeing the attention of their loved one away. As seen with Lizzy toward segfreid and Alois toward Ciel.  lizzy can be just as likely to lash out violently when upset. In fact realistically Alois and Lizzy due to their public and privite behavior would of been viewed as immacure by victorian upper class society. Since Alois’s behavior isn’t approrite for a victorian gentalmen either.

Why it could work romantically or otherwise

I think Alois would like Lizzy if he got to know her, he seems to hate submission judgeing by his feelings toward Hannah, and devotion toward Claude. So her being loud and opinonated wouldn’t bother him, actually it would probly amuse him that the other nobels were so appalled by this. Also i don’t see how Alois can hate someone who’s so utterly loyal in personality, since he’s attached to the idea of someone who’ll never leave him.  Although Alois is strong he doesn’t care about conveying that image, if Lizzy wants to weild her sword and protect him, he’s not going to object to that. Although lizzy became the wife to be protected, she only did it for Ciel. In reality it seems lizzy is far more comfortable protecting.   Alois wants to be taken care of, and is fine being protected, he’s tired of being the strong one, the one who has to pick himself up and brush himself off. In this case i think he’d suit her better then Ciel, becuse Ciel may love lizzy but as they grow older, i think Ciel will begain to exspect her to be a wife more fitting for his image, since his family name is everything to him. She can protect him in privite but Ciel will still want her to uphold an acceptable public image. Alois holds his image to a certain extent but when it comes down to it, he’s more interested in doing what he wants, makeing his beloved happy. Also Alois seems like he’d be more willing to enjoy certain activities just as hosting balls or fashion then Ciel, there’s lots of things him and Lizzy could do together. I mean even his nickname being your highness and Lizzy being descended from a knight’s bloodline just seems to suggest they fit together.  And although some fans like it for the fix him aspect. i could see Alois getting Lizzy to be more rebellious see the shades of grey a bit more, and be more comfortable with being herself. As their are bits of lizzy that seem to want to go aginst the image she’s meant to convey, like wanting to be called lizzy instead of Elizabeth.  As for Lizzy she would give Alois compassion and understanding and never see him as an object or pawn and she has more then enough affection to give.


He tried to kill her so it would have to be AU

Lizzy never notices anyone outside  of darn Ciel

Both Lizzy and Alois have jealousy issues/ tempers

Lizzy would be horrified at how Alois treated Hannah

Also Claude would have to go becuse Alois getting his soul eaten equals alone Lizzy. Also Claude is a sleazy awful bastard who won’t wait and will try and pull something.

Final thoughts

I feel like lizzy and Alois could work as a pair romantically but more likely platonic relationship, sense i think Lizzy would remind Alois of luka. Who once again was the  knight to Alois’s highness. Also lizzy likes cute things, Alois when he’s not in homicidal manic mode personifies cute even more then ciel. How could Lizzy lover of all things adorible resist the childish blond menace. He won over a literal demon Hannah to his side, lizzy does not stand a chance of resisting.   They both need someone to rant too about Ciel / Claude, and i think if they did start to like each other  there’s room for character growth and an eventual close bond. Its something they both seem to need, someone they can be real with who won’t put them down, or force them to be lesser or not as important. Basically they both need a freind and that’s why i really like the idea of Alois and Lizzy as a pair.

Fun thoughts

Alois trying to seduce lizzy not in a sexual way, but by giveing her cute things, and putting on childish outfits with big bows and just completly exploiting her love of all things cute. It starts out as a fun way to tweak ciel, but before long, Alois will see a plush bear in the widow of a toy store or a cute dress and go ”  ohh, Claude Lizzy would love this one!”

Alois begging lizzy to stay the night, her being hesitant becuse its not proper but being taken in by Alois’s puppy expression and the two ending up cuddling, with lizzy realizeing the only danger here is  Alois hogging the blankets.

Alois challanging Lizzy to a duel becuse he’s curious how good she is, gets his butt kicked, sulks about it, then his mood changes again and before long he’s tugging lizzy toward the garden complimenting her on her skill.

Lizzy and Alois playing dress up, lizzy of course thinks Alois looks very cute in either a dress or a suit, and squeals over it.

Lizzy threatning Claude like she did Sebastion,Claude giveing into Alois  whims  which don’t beneifit him from then on, becuse Lizzy glares at him when he tries to ignore them.

Alois helping lizzy decorate phantomhive manner, they have competitions to see who can make it more cute, much to ciel’s horror.

Alois has a tendency to brag about lizzy in public makeing her utterly embaressed.

Maryia Holic Defense of Maryia part 2


Maryia is not Sexist or Misgonist  here’s why

I’m a little tired of people asumeing if a guy has beef with one girl or women he’s a rageing sexist. Like i pointed out in my last post their are several reasons for Mairyia to dislike Kanako that have nothing to do with gender. In fact he never mentions her gender at all his insults are about her being stupid and a pervert. Both are true as she does things like steal girls panties and decided to diet by not eating anything and made herself so hungry she tried to eat the dog does that sound smart to you? In fact i’d argue Maryia has nothing but respect for women, Kanako is the one who has no respect for her own gender.

I don’t know how viewers keep missing this but the person Mairyia honors and respects the most is his grandmother. In fact Maryia is willing to dress as a girl, possibly faceing ruine if he’s found out, to honor his grandmother who is the head of his family’s wishes. Yes Mairyia respects a powerful women who runs not one but two elite schools, yeah what a sexist.

Not only that  he sets his maid up as Kanako’s lawyer becuse he knows as Mairyia he’ll be convicting Kanako and he wants someone to challange him. Matsurika who can dish as much as she can take  is that person. They frequently insult each other and believe it or not some people don’t insult to be mean or demeaning, some people do it to keep you on your toes. Maryia and Matsurika like to insult each other and match wits, their both major smart alecks.    This shows that, Maryia respects his female maid enough to see her as being worthy of going aginst. Also he has no problem competing with his twin sister, a sexist wouldn’t bother competing with girls but he does both as himself and Mairyia. He even praises Kanako’s sister for her impressive grades and her being able to get into a prestigious school.

Heck Maryia’s family runs an all girls school that’s one of the top in the country. In fact it seems like Mairyia’s been taught to value  intellect and capibility in women. He has no problem being mean to Kanako and Mutsurika becuse he doesn’t think of them as fragile flowers who need to be protected. He holds them responsible for their own actions and that’s true equality, accepting not only the capibility for good but also bad.  In fact Mairyia pushes the girls around him to better themselves. Mairyia seems to have no problem with his sister being head of the family, in fact he wants her to get over her fear of boys. He pushes Kanako to study, pass her tests, and to resist the urg to lick his foot, and give in to her perverted desires, aka excercise some control. He even states its better she get a beating from Mutsurika now, then deal with the police. Maryia pushes Kanako to grow up and take responsibility for her own actions. A lot of people don’t seem to get this but if someone wants  you to grow as a person, they don’t coddle you, they push you!

A final example of  Maryia not being a sexist is his conduct, he never ever takes advantage of his false idenity as a fellow girl, no boob grops, no shower peaks nothing. Unlike Kanako who constantly pushes the boundries of what is approrite. In fact he showed outright disgust at Kanako buying Sachi her best freind a revealing outfit, to fuel her fanntasies. Futhermore it was Maryia who made sure Sachi’s bithday party was not spoiled and her feelings not hurt by haveing Kanako’s terrible gift confiscated and offering up a photo album instead as if it were from Kanako. He also sought to discover why one of the girls on his team was upset showing he cares about their feelings and not their bodies unlike Kanako who only made freinds with the other girls to get into their panties. Also if he wanted to get Kanako tossed out of the school being its Mairyia i’m sure he could very easily do it. So he’s choosen to protect Kanako’s idenity as a lesbian, and the other girls from her unwanted advances, even takes the blame for what his sister did to his cousin but yet people still believe this guy is sexist? Now don’t get me wrong Mairyia is not a very good person he’s saddistic, sly, arogent, vain and i can see why he iritates some people but i think Maryia and this show are a lot more complicated then just sexist but hey as always  its just my personal opinion.